Your first Neil

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Your first Neil

Post by Royko »

What was the first thing of Neil's that you read?

For me, it was Sandman. My college roommate had gotten into it through his girlfriend and talked me into picking up a copy of Fables and Reflections at the local comics store. I loved it immediately and in typical me fashion didn't get around to reading the rest for several years.

I think I read American Gods after (finally) finishing Sandman and Neverwhere after that.

Sandman is still probably my favorite just on scope, but The Graveyard Book touched me deeply.
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Re: Your first Neil

Post by Smaug »

Good Omens

Then, maybe sandman - either Fables and Reflections or The Worlds End as that is what my library had in, maybe watching Neverwhere, maybe some of his shorts that were available on thedreaming, I honestly have no idea!
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Re: Your first Neil

Post by GothicWardrobe »

I'm a huge Pratchett fan. I was on a spree to read and collect everything Terry ever wrote when I stumbled onto Good Omens. I come from a non English speaking country so I had no idea who Neil Gaiman was. So I got Good Omens, I read it and I enjoyed it. It wasn't 100% the Pratchett I knew and loved, so I said "why don't you get your hinges on some Gaiman he seems like a nice writer". And that's how I ended up reading Neverwhere. Which was a wow what a book experience too! And then the bookshop had Smoke and Mirrors which had Baby Cakes in it and bits where Neil talked in his real life voice (I mean not through his characters) and I thought "This is a nice guy and a nice writer!" and that's how I ended up with hardbacks of Anansi Boys and Fragile things when they got out. And Coraline and indeed American Gods (which blew me away both as a book and as a political statement but this is not the place for this). And the rest is as they say history. My last big "Oh my Sagan! I need to read this in one go!" of Neil's was the Graveyard book. Lovely storytelling and wonderfully layered. oh btw! I read Sandman years and years after I first started reading Neil's work. It was interesting and quite unique.
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Re: Your first Neil

Post by Maeve »

Good Omens. I knew who Neil Gaiman was, because although I didn’t go to college, my friends did and I visited them. Their friends introduced them and me to Sandman. Except, at the time the series wasn’t yet in omnibus form and so they had first runs which were collectibles and heaven forbid you actually touch the things! So the dialogue was mostly this:
Them: You have to read these, they’re amazing!
Me: OK, fine.
Them: But not mine, these are collectibles, you might breathe on them and then they’d be worth nothing.

And so I never read Sandman, because at the time certain comics (if you could find them) were $75. For one comic, not the whole run. So I never bothered.

Terry Pratchett kept me happily entertained since Pyramids, and then I found The Colour of Magic in a remaindered bookstore and my local library had a few books. Been a Pratchett fan ever since. So when I saw his name on a new book and then saw Neil Gaiman I figured it would probably be fun. It was.

Pretty sure I read Neverwhere and then Stardust. I have Smoke & Mirrors, but there’s another collection of short stories, right? And then there was American Gods. That book was a bit of a slog at first, it’s slow, it jumps around, wings off on story tangents that don’t make sense until later. But I loved it by the time I finished it, and then made my father and husband read it too. I could never convince either of them to read any Pratchett books, but they loved American Gods. I convinced my husband to read it only because Neil wrote about asking Penn & Teller for magic prop help and they introduced him to Jamy Ian Swiss. Hubs is a magician and that’s how I knew who that was.

And then there was Coraline, and I read it to my son, and he laughed when I read out the buttons on the eyes bit. He read Neverwhere and Stardust, but Anansi Boys was his favourite for a long time. He tried reading American Gods, but was daunted by the size of it, and he always had homework or other things to do. So he tried the audiobook, and he’s listened to that twice now. Last year at uni he would listen to it while driving home/driving back, and he would take walks and listen, and then he would call me or text me and we would discuss the book.

I have yet to read all of Sandman. Well crafted stories as text in books gives me movies in my head. Comics just don’t work for me. I am quite interested in the Netflix Sandman thing.
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Re: Your first Neil

Post by BeeZee »

Good Omens was first, because I'm a huge Pratchett fan.
Loved the book as I loved all my Pratchett, but didn't think much more of it.
One time I was flying to Belize. We had our layover in Houston and I HAD ALREADY FINISHED MY BOOK! What to do? I can't travel with no book, wait in
lines with no book, read myself to get the picture.
Luckily Houston airport had a book and magazine shop. I picked up American Gods, choosing between it and another book I can't remember.
That book was astonishing! SO GOOD! I devoured it. Read every spare moment on that trip.
Got home, and told (then) husband "You have to read this! This is the best thing in YEARS!"
He looked at it then went over to our bookcase and pulled out our copy of Good Omens. He knew he'd seen Neil's name before.

Up 'til then, as far as I was concerned Good Omens had been written by Terry Pratchett and someotherguy. :D

I went on to grab every piece of writing that Neil had done. Went to signings, followed his career, became a FAN. And then I found The Board all those years ago. I had a home on the internet, and it has been that way ever since.

I still can't quite bring myself to read the Duran Duran book. There's being a fan and then there's just being crazy :roll:
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Re: Your first Neil

Post by Nel Gurgle »

High school boyfriend turned me on to Sandman. I was all in a panic because I was so far behind, there had already been 8 issues and I needed to find issues 1-7! :shock:

Long story short - BF broke my heart, but I kept collecting. I collected ALL of them, special issues with glow in the dark covers, duplicates just cause I could. I was a novelty at the time at my local comic book shop, the girls who collected comics. The store owner would put issues aside for me when I could not make it in, even delivering them to me at my work!

My passion for Sandman led to my attending the only Sandman convention in MN in 2004. I met people. People who also loved Sandman. YOU PEOPLE. I lurked around the old message board, then posted in an excited frenzy. Meat things happened. I married a WE Boardie who lived on the other side of the world. Nearly 6 years ago we spawned a delightfully exasperating child-thing. :mrgreen:

I really cannot stress enough how Sandman shaped my life for the better.

So yeah, Sandman was my first Neil.
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Re: Your first Neil

Post by smalltown »

I read the first volume of Books of Magic at the library when I was young, but didn't pay any attention to the author and only realized it was Neil years later. When I met Snazz in college he introduced me to Sandman, and what graphic novels could be in general, and I was pretty much hooked from then on. I joined the board, immediately loved all of you, and DM sent me a copy of Stardust for my birthday which I think was the first piece of Gaiman literature I owned for myself.

10 years ago (exactly!) I met a bunch of you, and the man himself, in person at House on the Rock. I was already committed, but that cemented it.
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Re: Your first Neil

Post by LanMartak »

I remember being at my local comic book store( back when I fancied myself some sort of a collector ) and thinking to myself I don’t have enough issue number ones... oh look here is a new title called Sandman... what the heck..let’s get it. The rest is history. I am just a devourer of other peoples creations, but it was interesting being on the ground floor of something special. I still have trouble with the fact that Neil is now as famous as he is. For a long time he was that quirky thing that I would turn other people onto...
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Re: Your first Neil

Post by Ophelia's Vengeance »

The two Death spinoffs. A college buddy used them as a gateway drug into Sandman and all things Gaimain, and it worked.
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Re: Your first Neil

Post by Furious »

Eclipse Comics' Miracleman, which got stopped mid-story when Eclipse went bankrupt. Then 30 years or so later Marvel threw the most money at the courts to win the rights to Miracleman (Marvelman), which ended in the DC Captain Marvel being renamed as Shazam, Miracleman's long johns getting handed over to Marvel's Ms. Marvel and herself becoming the new Captain Marvel, and the Miracleman mythos being bookshelved as an alternate Marvel universe that was last noted in a Marvel 80th anniversary comic.
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