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November 08, 2022
I just filmed a little unboxing-and-enthusing video. It's for the 25th Anniversary editions of Little, Big or, The Fairies' Parliament, by John Crowley. Illustrated (or rather, with Art by) Peter Milton. 

Most of the edition was pre-sold long ago, but a few hundred remain. You can buy them at and they will go...     [more]

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Neil Gaiman at Emerson Colonial
is happening!

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updated September 21, 2023
Event: Books That Live (New York, NY (USA))
updated August 27, 2023
Event: The Worlds of Terry Pratchett: Neil Gaiman and Rob Wilkins (London (UK))
updated August 27, 2023
Event: Why We Need Fantasy: Neil Gaiman in conversation (London (UK))
updated July 24, 2023
Event: Off the Page: Neil Gaiman (Sarasota, FL (US))