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The Wolves In The Walls

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The Wolves In The Walls

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A co-production between the National Theatre of Scotland and Improbable.

"Fabulous looking, scary and funny theatre" Independent on Sunday

It's the story of Lucy, who hears creeping, creaking, crumpling noises coming from behind the wallpaper and is convinced that there are wolves in the walls of her house. Her jam-making mother, tuba-playing father and video game obsessed brother think the noises are really mice, or rats or bats. But they are wrong and she is right as they will all soon find out...

With an unruly pack of actors, musicians and crazy puppets, the show will make you laugh, shriek with horror and watch the action between the cracks in your fingers, because everyone knows... when the wolves come out of the walls, it's all over.

"a story for cool kids who will grow up fearless," The Sunday Times

The National Theatre of Scotland and Improbable are unleashing The Wolves in the Walls onto the stage. NTS Artistic Director, Vicky Featherstone, co-directs in partnership with Improbable's Julian Crouch, whose work includes the unforgettable Shockheaded Peter and Jerry Springer the Opera. Nick Powell, best known for his haunting television scores and soundtracks for Suspect Culture provides the music and songs.

"Endearlingly terrifying - like Bambi with Fangs." The Guardian