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The Graveyard Book Tour

Some of Our Favorite Clips on YouTube

June 2005: BOOK EXPO (Windows Media)

While traveling to Book Expo in New York City in 2005, Neil took some time out to discuss his books at the Intercontinental Hotel. These clips require the Windows Media Player and are currently incompatible with the Macintosh version of the Windows Media Player.

WMV Stream - Neil on Anansi Boys
Meet Fat Charlie ... plus, a stand-in cirus fruit makes an appearance

WMV Stream - Neil on MirrorMask
Helena runs away and joins real life ... and what you can learn that's not in the movie

WMV Stream - Neil on Smoke And Mirrors
Bleeding on a silver sidewalk ... thoughts on Neil's book of short stories

WMV Stream - Neil on Neverwhere
Searching for life in London Below...

WMV Stream - Neil on Creatures of the Night
Black cats, owls and demons ...

October 2000: The Last Angel Tour (QuickTime Media)

These clips require QuickTime.