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How To Talk To Girls At Parties

There's a worthy tradition (a recent tradition, but a tradition) of getting Hugo nominated short stories up on the web to help level the playing field and allow the voters to read as much as possible.

Thanks to all who nominated it, and to the people who read the first draft and made sensible suggestions (especially Chip Delany), and to Jonathan Strahan who commissioned it and never got to publish it.

The list of nominees, as Cory says at Boing Boing, is really impressive and fine company. A good year to be on the list, whether one wins or not. (I tend to take my joy from nominations. What happens after that is just a horse-race.) -- Neil

2007 Hugo Best Short Story Nominees

How to Talk
to Girls at Parties

Neil Gaiman(Fragile Things, William Morrow)
Kin Bruce McAllister(Asimov's February 2006)
Impossible DreamsTim Pratt(Asimov's July 2006)
Eight EpisodesRobert Reed(Asimov's June 2006)
The House Beyond
Your Sky
Benjamin Rosenbaum(Strange Horizons Sept 2006)