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There are a hundred variants on this...

I want to make a concept album/stage play/short film/set of tee shirts/something to sell based on Sandman. Please give me permission.

And the answer is simply, I can't. I don't own Sandman. DC Comics does. If you want to make something using the material I did for Sandman, you have to ask them.

Feel free to ask me or my agent about things I control. But I'm not going to be any use for Sandman., is a set of Sandman-related Frequently Asked Questions up at the Dreaming website, also compiled by the astonishing Lance Smith. If it's a Sandman question you might want to go and look there. I'm sure it needs updating, but if you want it updated you should probably write a really nice e-mail to Lance and ask him.

What is the order of the Sandman volumes?

Sure. Preludes & Nocturnes. The Doll's House. Dream Country. Season of Mists. A Game of You. Fables and Reflections. Brief Lives. Worlds' End. The Kindly Ones. The Wake.

Sandman: The Dream Hunters is off to one side, as are the two Death books: the High Cost of Living and the Time of your Life.

The current edition of the books have numbers on the covers, to help you figure it out, and a list of titles on the back.

I just did a quick search for helpful Sandman sites and it produced an astonishing number of hits, so anyone interested should probably head for or and just start clicking around.

Was the King of Pain real?

The King of Pain was indeed a real person. I learned about him in a book called The Barbary Coast: An Informal History of the San Francisco Underworld by Herbert Asbury, which, rather to my surprise, is still in print.

-- and this just in: Neil, In reply to your FAQ response (6/12/01) about the Herbert Asbury book, you might like to let everyone know that this is available to read on the Web. The URL is: I don't know if this is the whole book but it is still worth a look.

What happened to Malcolm Jones III?

Malcolm (who was the best inker Sandman had, from 1988 to 1990) killed himself (around 1995, if memory serves).

Is there Sandman merchandise available?

Let's see. There are a few pages to start looking. Graphitti Designs has several tee shirts still in print.

I just did a Google search for Sandman tee shirts which gave me (I'm not recommending them -- I'm just saying they were there in the top ten of a Google search.)

Hot Topic has Sandman stuff -- search around with words like Sandman and Death and Delirium and you should find things. Did you know they do a Sandman Alarm Clock? Neither did I....

DreamHaven's page of my stuff has tons of interesting Sandman oddments on it.

Where did the text on the Sandman shirt come from?

There is a Sandman shirt that was made which seems to have a story printed on the background. Unfortunately, the images are obscuring so many words that I can't quite make it out. Any idea where to find the text in full? (Sorry I don't remember which number/name the shirt was)

It's a Dave McKean shirt. The text is the description of Morpheus from the script to Sandman 17 (reprinted in Dream Country.)

Where may I find a synopsis of Dreamhunters?

There's a summary on (type in Dream Hunters), and reviews at,,, and (I found these in the first round of a Google search by typing in Sandman Dream Hunters Review.)

Who can't spell Dalmatians in Brief Lives?

Something I wonder when I reread "Brief Lives": is it you or Todd Klein who can't spell dalmatian?

Oh, that was me. Although Todd usually caught my most egregious misspellings (or English Spellings). It was meant to have been fixed when the book was collected, but Brief Lives was cursed, and to date, and over five or six printings, only a tiny handful of the text and colour goofs have been fixed.

Is the Death movie really in development?

While working today I noticed in Variety magazine an article by Pandora stating that a movie, Death: The High Cost of Living was in development. Is this true?


Hello, again. I wrote to you about a week ago asking for permission to make a animated version of your "Dream Hunters" story. I did not hear back from you, and frankly I'm not surprised! :-D I'm sure you get lots of similar e-mail everyday. But I am seriously interested in animating your story, and perhaps if I can show you a glimpse of my work, you might consider it. So, as somewhat as a test of proof, I'm going to creat a CG Destiny (and for fun! All his robes should be a blast) and then I'll send you a link where you can view the image.
It might take me several weeks to finish the image as I'm busy withmy family, full-time job, and grad school in the evenings. But I'll let you know when I'm finished.

Thank you and cheers,

Jeffrey D. Shaffer
Educational Multimedia Specialist
Osaka Gakuin University

It's something you can certainly do for your own amusement -- but beyond that, the to Sandman rights aren't mine. They are controlled by DC Comics and Warner Bros. If you want to do something with Sandman filmically, you need to talk to them.


I beg forgiveness in case this is an inappropriate question (I'll blame it on my dusfunction which includes limited ability to spot inappropriateness) but it's been nagging on my mind for a long time. Mine and numerous others, I should say.

The question is: How would you describe Morpheus's feelings towards Death? I imagine he hides a very strong love for her, an idea people seem to find offensive for some reason ...

Thank you for your time,

I don't think he hides it at all: read Sandman 8, "The Sound of Her Wings", or Sandman 21, the first part of Season of Mists, or part of the Wake. He obviously loves her very much, just as she loves him. I'm not sure why that should be offensive. She's his sister, after all. And family dynamics, while complicated, tend to include love as a major component.

If you're asking me whether he lusts after her, that'd be a no. His love-life is complicated and doomed enough already.


Hello Mr. Gaiman,

First, let me say that (as many others) I am a very big fan, and I have enjoyed both your graphic and non-graphic novels for many years now. However, I have a question that I cannot find the answer to, and it is driving me mad.... so here goes:

In Hy Bender's book, The Sandman Companion, on page 199, you comment that one of your favorite sequences to write in the Kindly Ones was when Cluracan vomits up his nemesis...I have been over that book countless times, and I must confess that I cannot find this sequence ANYWHERE. On page 6 of part 2 of the Kindly Ones, Cluracan does ask Dream to destroy his nemesis, but nowhere that I can see is the actual drawing that is shown in that book on page 199. This has caused me no small amount of consternation. Maybe that sequence only showed up in the monthly comic, and not in the Kindly Ones volume....? I can't seem to figure out what is going on.... Any light you could help shed on my dilemma would be highly appreciated. Thanks for any help you can give me, and keep up
the great work! :)

- Nik.

Very odd indeed. Everything in the monthly comics went into the finished book. On the other hand it's not unknown for books with errors to creep out, and it sounds like your book may be missing an 8 or 16 page "signature". Someone once e-mailed me (and showed up at a signing to show me) a copy of DON'T PANIC! which turned into a german porn novel at the end. The sequence with Cluracan and his Nemesis is Chapter 2, pages 7-9 (for some reason The Kindly Ones isn't numbered all the way through). If your copy is missing these pages, take it back to where you got it, and explain that you want one with all the pages in. 

Dear Neil: As far as I can remember, Barbie (unlike most of the characters in the series) did not re-appear in The Kindly Ones or The Wake. Was there a reason behind this?

Sort of. She didn't want to come on. I kept expecting her to come back, but she didn't -- she was perfectly happy having walked off-stage at the end of Game of You and didn't see why she should come back. I wasn't going to force it.

hallo neil,

i was just wondering why they dont sell sandman tees any more at Hot Topic.
for a couple years now, i've been telling people who ask what to get me for
such and such an occaision to get me a sandman tee from hot topic. but i
checked in a month or so back and the guy there didnt even know what i meant by 'sandman' which i thot was kind of sad. thank goodness for dream haven tho :)

thank you
anna atendido

I don't know -- I think they keep turning over merchandise, and don't keep stuff in stock for long. The biggest problem that Sandman stuff has it tends to sell a certain amount forever, rather than a lot immediately. DC Comics used to offer the Hot Topic stuff to comics retailers after a while, so you could certainly check in with DreamHaven.

Or you can let Hot Topic know that you liked it when they did Sandman stuff, and shouldn't they do some more? (And is Dreamhaven's online store.)